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"Her music is a spellbinding landscape of adventurous arrangements combined with a classical element. It transports you from the drudgery of everday life to a peaceful world full of wonder and escape. Music for every wanderer" - Daisy Hughes

"I think we found one of the next generation of European composers.. (...) Simply beautiful, it makes me feel divine (...) " -Aladin Anyebe, Singer

"I admire her ability to detect the mood of any scene and to promptly develop compositions for it. (...) She did not only deeply enrich the production with her unique compositions, but also with her working methods and nature. (...) an extremely creative, reliable, team-oriented and honest person. (...) I can only recommend working with her (...)"

- Riccarda Russo, writer, director and producer.

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"(...) for her extraordinary abilities as a composer and pianist (...) Her musical ability as well as her professional attitude toward artistic work are exemplary for how talent and human potential can achieve high artistic results. Katharina’s work was inspiring and invigorating. - Nina C. Gabriel, Theater director, Ateliertheater Reloaded

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"There is a space between awake and dreams, where time holds its breath and secrets are remembered or forgotten. If you listen carefully next time you are there, you will hear Katharina's music as it shifts scenery and unlocks secret gateways."

- Linda Faye Carson, Singer /Songwriter, Entrepreneur  

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